Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pink hair and white lace

Over vino with the girls tonight I admitted I've been contemplating getting some pink hair, either that or a perm. I've wanted to dip my tips for the last 3 years, and haven't. Some around the table were very much against it. Since I'm reaching a milestone tomorrow (birthday time), I don't know if my time is up, or if now might be a better time than any. Am I lamb or mutton, and do I dye or slowly die of boredom. Something to ponder on, but not for too long.
Below are 2 of my fav editorials in the last wee while, involving 2 of my fav fashion trends... a pink do and a transparent white dress.

I love the jewellery in this editorial. Volt Magazine via Oracle Fox.

Cosomoplotian Magazine via Oracle Fox

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